A little bit about Flowers N Flames: We are a small natural personal care product company based in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide healthy alternatives to a lot of everyday things we consume for our personal care, hygiene, and grooming.

about  A mother sought to provide the best for her child who suffered from the skin condition eczema. After concerns grew over the steroid skin creams that were being prescribed for the condition, she set out to find a better alternative. That was the genesis of Flowers N Flames personal care products.

She set out to correct an issue. What she discovered was how many of the things we use everyday, and consider necessities, have been manufactured in a way that can cause bodily harm. In finding a way to do better for her family, she chose to offer something health conscious to the community as well.

We have been deceived by mass marketing schemes. Now, she and her partner have created pure and honest products that are beneficial and useful for health and everyday use.

We offer:

  • Deodorants
  • lip balms
  • The Mama Kharma ¬†baby bump butters
  • Specialty Body Butters
  • Organic toothpaste
  • Tattoo healing/restoration salve.

A little more about our products:

Our products are safe and free of: parabens , preservatives, carcinogens, Petroleum, and other harmful ingredients found in commercial toiletries. Check out our store for a complete list of products and benefits that they offer

**Our products are multi-use as well. Because of the natural ingredients that we use, our lip balms can easily be used as a first aid on minor accidents that may happen along your day. The Mama Kharma baby bump butter can also be used as a hair moisturizer and eczema eliminator. Our tattoo salve can speed the recovery of any broken skin aliment. Our products are non-toxic and safe for human consumption (although, we do not recommend you eat the body butter or lip balm regardless of how good it may smell)**