Black on Black Support: Shea Moisture Products

I learned a lot from the whole fiasco with the shea moisture products that happened in May of 2017. This taught me that we as black people must support our own, without straying, in EVERYTHING. Our personal care rituals included. People say that there aren’t enough black resources for things that we need. I challenge us to create them. We did that before. The imagination and ambition are powerful tools that always seemed to work in our favor. We are more than capable of creating healthy and sustainable products for our own.
shea-moisture-productsThis article is about Shea moisture products and black-on-black support. Moreso, supporting real black business, especially whenever it comes down to our daily needs. You know, things like personal care products that we use.  There are new black companies that are emerging that cater to our beauty and personal care. These companies are often times owned and operated by someone who looks like you. At one point this was the same for Shea Moisture Products. It is hard to say if that is still the case now…
Shea Moisture is a part of Sundial Brands, which started out as a black owned company in the early 90’s. What isn’t discussed is that Bain Capital brought into the company in 2015. They brought in as a minority, non-controlling investor. That same year, word got out and a rumor that Mitt Romney was a part owner of Shea Moisture surfaced. The company stock began to drop. Damage control was done and now we really don’t know if there was any truth in that rumor. At the end of the day, we are now forced to ask: Is it still safe to say that this is a black owned company? This is about as bad as what happened to the Softsheen-Carlson brand. They sold out… Sundial Brands sold stakes of their companies to name brand investors. nobody talks about that. When we buy their products, are our dollars being flipped within our community? who are our dollars supporting.
This controversial commercial promoting Shea Moisture products came out in April of this year. The commercial that seemed to focus on every other woman except for the original one. Everyone is left scratching their heads and asking questions. Who is this company really catering to?

The black dollar is powerful. Being black in itself is powerful. Think about it. Why are there so many white companies now that put up a front as if they are black owned and operated? It’s because they know that black people will support and spend money. We spend more money than anybody else. The recent movie Girl’s Trip is a prime example. This was not a black owned, operated, and produce movie. But, that is the image that is portrayed. One thing that this movie also promoted was the Essence Music Festival. Which might I add, Essence is no longer a black owned publication.  Yet, that isn’t publicly discussed and advertised. They still want you to believe that it is the same black publication that it has always been. LIES.
Why continue to support these major corporations with questionable ownership? There are more and more of us who are investing into our people. We are doing this by creating our own product lines. Support these people.  My personal journey of making my own product a little over a year ago. I masterminded Flowers N Flames Inc. I hand make personal care products such as: deodorant, body butters, lip balms, body scrubs, and a tattoo healing/restoration salve.

Flowers N Flames was born because, I grew tired of throwing my money away. I wanted to save and create healthier alternatives to some of the things I use daily. I also wanted to take the guesswork out of wondering, “is my black dollars stimulating a black owned company or am I supporting a cover up?”



Take a look at my shop HERE

By creating my own product line, I am taking my power back. There is no need to spend my money on these huge companies. There isn’t even a need for me to get upset when things like this Shea Moisture commercial happens. The best part is, I can give personal testimonies as to why my products are great and what all goes into them. There are no ridiculously long ingredients listed. Everything is either natural or organic. Everything is non toxic and  designed to help your health not hurt it. There are no harsh chemical that you cannot pronounce, no parabens, or carcinogens. Everything is made with the upmost love and care.

**Flowers N Flames is a black owned and operated company**

The Importance of tattoo aftercare

Tattoos are beautiful. They are forms of artistic expression. They have become increasing popular in regular society. Every one loves ink. Your social status doesn’t really mean anything. It’s almost like tattooing has become a part of our everyday lives.  To keep them beautiful, good tattoo aftercare is a must.


Tattoo during the healing phase

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing what would have been a great body of artwork but it is: faded, distorted, or poorly healed. Tattoos serve as an artistic testament  of different milestones that mark our lives.  The healing process plays a very critical part in how the tattoo will look for life after it’s completely healed.  Masterminding the design and taking the pain is only half of it. Taking care of the new ink properly through the healing process is another thing in itself. It’s something that isn’t stressed enough.

Flowers N Flames have created a tattoo healing and restoration salve to help aid tattoo lovers and newbies in healing their artwork as quickly and easily as possible. The best part about using this product is that you easily maintain the beauty and integrity of your ink as long as you use it and follow the basic tattoo aftercare instructions. A&D ointment and anything petroleum based is a huge no no on healing ink. This salve is Shea butter based with a few other skin repairing oils and ingredients combined into the formula. Raw shea butter  naturally repairs broken  and dry skin, making it ideal for fresh tattoos.



Standard tattoo aftercare rules


  1. No direct exposure to Sunlight or direct heat. This can make the ink bleed which can distort the art work.
  2. Avoid water that includes pools and jacuzzi’s . Clean it separately  outside of the bath and shower.
  3. Keep fabric away from loose fitting clothes. Fabric constantly rubbing up against the newly tattooed area can irritate the skin.

 When cleaning your new ink:

Wait approximately 2 days after the new ink has been set before you start cleaning. Let the tattoo dry out naturally. When this happens, you are all clear to go ahead and begin cleaning your new ink. Clean with clear antibacterial liquid soap. AVOID FRAGRANCES AT ALL COST. When you are finished cleaning it, pat it dry with a towel.

It is said that the initial healing process  can take up to three weeks depending on the size of the tattoo. However, the tattoo isn’t completely set permanently until after a years time. Tattoos are beautiful but like anything else worth having, they require care. Plain and simple, take care of your ink.

Order the Flowers N Flames tattoo healing and restoration salve from our shop page today.


Beating Eczema: How Flowers N Flames got started.

The reason I created my product is because of my daughter’s eczema. I never had to deal with the condition before having her. I had to educate myself on what it was. After researching, I did not trust a lot of the commercial products on the market. My trust for prescriptions was even less. I was a new mommy and I was very guarded about what to put on my child’s skin.

Also, after making the mistake of letting her get vaccinated as an infant, eczema popped up. After that and reading, I couldn’t help but think the eczema came from: Those vaccinations. I also realized how that was a setup. The only thing that the doctor will prescribe is steroid creams that are no good. She will most likely have to use those messy creams, if not for the rest of her life, then for years. These steroid creams are horrible. They would work enough, only for the eczema to come back a few months later. The issue is that the eczema would come back with a new-formed resistance to that prescription. I soon saw that that was a cycle of upgrading to a stronger prescription every few months.

The healing process

I said there has got to be a better way. From there I sought to learn about skin. I also decided to learn about what this skin condition is and how do you combat against it. The journey of making my product began over a year ago.

I found that her condition had a lot to do with her diet and the ingredients in the products I used on her skin. When she was an infant, I could not use Johnson and Johnson products on her. They would break her tiny body out in a giant inflamed red rash that was painful to the touch. I soon ditched their products and opted for shea butter and black soap. I also use Aveeno‘s baby bath/shampoo. Aveeno seemed to work for a while but I still was not satisfied. 
Black soap is the only natural soap I trusted to get the job done. I learned that the key with black soap is making sure that you have a great moisturizer to use afterwards. Shea butter is good, but I needed it to be a little better. I researched. I dug and searching for answers. From there I learned how to create a shea butter base product that worked on her skin. Besides that, I also came up with a moisturizing  body scrub that helped is well. Her wash regimen consisted:
  • Natural Black Soap
  • Body Scrub (I would use this during every other bath)
  • Shea butter based body butter
This took a lot of trial and error. I found something that not only works for my daughter; it works for me too. I had an issue with sensitive yet dry skin (no eczema) myself. the body butter does wonders for me. Everyone that has used it have given me positive reviews on it. I tossed her creams in the garbage and my baby is not eczema free.


Words of Caution:


Clean up your diet as well. Go for fresh over processed foods as often as you can. Dead your relationship with meat. Avoid dairy products at all cost. Consider a vegan or plant based diet. Leave the processed white sugars ALONE.