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Black on Black Support: Shea Moisture Products

I learned a lot from the whole fiasco with the shea moisture products that happened in May of 2017. This taught me that we as black people must support our own, without straying, in EVERYTHING. Our personal care rituals included. People say that there aren’t enough black resources for things that we need. I challenge us to create them. We did that before. The imagination and ambition are powerful tools that always seemed to work in our favor. We are more than capable of creating healthy and sustainable products for our own.   This article is about Shea moisture products and black-on-black Read More

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The Importance of tattoo aftercare

Tattoos are beautiful. They are forms of artistic expression. They have become increasing popular in regular society. Every one loves ink. Your social status doesn’t really mean anything. It’s almost like tattooing has become a part of our everyday lives.  To keep them beautiful, good tattoo aftercare is a must. There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing what would have been a great body of artwork but it is: faded, distorted, or poorly healed. Tattoos serve as an artistic testament  of different milestones that mark our lives.  The healing process plays a very critical part in how the tattoo will look Read More

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Beating Eczema: How Flowers N Flames got started.

The reason I created my product is because of my daughter’s eczema. I never had to deal with the condition before having her. I had to educate myself on what it was. After researching, I did not trust a lot of the commercial products on the market. My trust for prescriptions was even less. I was a new mommy and I was very guarded about what to put on my child’s skin. Also, after making the mistake of letting her get vaccinated as an infant, eczema popped up. After that and reading, I couldn’t help but think the eczema came Read More